Sleep specialist and author Meir Kryger, MD, FRCPC, has independently published his latest book, which is entitled Sleep in Art: How Artists Portrayed Sleep Over the Last 7000 Years.

Kryger says, “I have always loved art, and because of my interest in the science of sleep have always been drawn to images of sleep. I was fascinated about how artists, philosophers, and writers thought about sleep. The idea to actually do a book came from my teaching a course about sleep to undergraduates at Yale about 4 years ago. The course included all aspects of sleep—science, art, and literature. The students seemed fascinated by the topic, and I first developed a fairly big iBook, which they could download. Many people encouraged me to do a printed book.”

The book contains more than 300 full-color images.

Arianna Huffington wrote this book blurb, “This book combines two of my favorite things—art and sleep. Together with gorgeous images, we also learn why artists from Rubens to Picasso to Matisse to Hockney painted people sleeping and their dreams. And along the way, we also dive deep into the mysteries and science of sleep. This is a transporting journey into the creation of images of something we all cherish: SLEEP!”