When a child is not sleeping well, parents and families often turn to healthcare professionals or day care center staff for advice. To help ensure these professionals are appropriately trained and equipped with effective, useful guidance to pass on to parents, Ruth Silverman has created “The Sleep Game.”

Silverman is a pediatric nurse from the United Kingdom’s National Health Service who focuses on sleep-related concerns. Ruth has over 25 years of experience providing healthcare to mothers, babies, and families as a nurse and midwife, and runs sleep clinics to help families get a good night’s sleep with their children.

“In recent years, I’ve been focussing on improving sleep awareness and training for a range of professionals in the south of England. The Sleep Game supports this training and is a fun way of learning new knowledge and skills for any professional working with children,” Silverman says in a release.

Developed with educational board games specialists Focus Games, The Sleep Game is a fun and interactive board game. It is played in a group to encourage discussion, learning from others, and sharing ideas. The game helps anyone working with children and families in childcare or health professions to understand more about sleep and delivers the knowledge and confidence needed to effectively guide and support parents and families. The Sleep Game helps players to learn about:

  • Why is sleep important?
  • Sleep patterns and stages of sleep
  • Sleep recommendations
  • Safer sleeping tips
  • Monitoring sleep
  • Sleep problems
  • Techniques to encourage sleep
  • Consequences of sleep deprivation
  • Sleep problems for children with additional needs

The Sleep Game is available from Focus Games Ltd and can be shipped internationally.