UBNow: Contrary to popular belief, using media just before going to sleep—under certain conditions—doesn’t always disrupt sleep.

“We found that media use just prior to the onset of sleep is associated with an earlier bedtime and more total sleep time, as long as the duration of use is relatively short and you’re not multitasking, like texting or simultaneously scrolling social media,” says Lindsay Hahn, assistant professor of communication, College of Arts and Sciences. “Watching a streaming service or listening to a podcast before bed can serve as a passive, calming activity that improves aspects of your sleep.”

But you have to do it right, and effectively using media as an instrument to improve sleep depends on staying within certain boundaries.

Hahn’s research focused exclusively on legacy media, such as television, radio, video games and books.  


Photo 18023110 © Christopher Halloran | Dreamstime.com