Businesses increasingly recognize the scale of the sleep deficit and its effects on their bottom line. Now they have a new way to address it: Restworks, a company launched by the makers of the MetroNaps EnergyPod workplace napping chair. Restworks offers a line of workplace short rest installations for corporations, hospitals, and universities, including a line of comprehensive sleep solution packages.

“There’s a genuine sleeplessness crisis, and the organizations that respond to it proactively will be better positioned to harness their people’s creativity and increase productivity overall,” says Christopher Lindholst, Restworks CEO, in a release. “MetroNaps has assembled hundreds of EnergyPod installations in offices, hospitals, universities, and fitness centers around the world. With Restworks, we’re excited about taking a new approach, offering organizations bundled packages and flexible acquisition options that address all aspects of workplace rest, including equipment, technology, accessories, and products for a complete solution.”

The official launch for Restworks is took place at the Employee Healthcare & Benefits Congress held September 25-28.

Restworks offers several packages: The Pod Pair, The Wellness Room, and The Zen Pack, each featuring a combination of equipment, products, technology, and services with pricing options for rent or purchase. Available equipment includes napping pods with a timer, music, and privacy; gravity neutral recliners inspired by NASA’s gravity-neutral chaise; and massage chairs with intelligent sensor technology. Restworks offers an array of products and accessories to support workplace napping in the United States as well as in Australia and the United Kingdom.

“Rest is a critically important component of overall wellness,” Lindholst says. “Research shows that a regimen of daytime napping significantly improves alertness, reduces the incidence of cardiac disease, improves productivity, and enhances learning. Restworks gives organizations that want to improve results and their employees’ well-being a one-stop shop where they can find all the resources they need.”