For Better Sleep Month in May, the National Center for Telehealth & Technology (T2) is raising awareness about the sleep issues that many service members and veterans face, with a resource that can help troubled sleepers. Dream EZ, a mobile app designed by T2 psychologists, uses visualization tools to help service members and veterans rescript their nightmares to become less frequent and intense.

“For some service members and veterans who experienced traumatic events, nightmares are the norm. They might dream about something that happened while deployed, like an ambush or a firefight, or even a scary event here at home,” says David Cooper, a research psychologist and T2 mobile health program lead, in a release. “Dream EZ lets you describe your nightmare, rework the story and practice proven visualization techniques before bedtime. It’s like providing a new script that your dream can follow.”

Dream EZ is the newest app from T2’s mobile applications program, which creates innovative and interactive apps to help service members, veterans, and their families face the tough challenges of military life and stay resilient. By using imagery rehearsal therapy, Dream EZ helps users change their nightmares into less disturbing dreams. The free app also features a log for tracking the intensity of dreams, anxiety-reducing tools like relaxation exercises, and reminders to practice rescripted dreams before heading to bed. Users can also track their progress by documenting their dreams.

T2 also offers resources for improving sleep quality through its AfterDeployment program, which helps people identify, understand, and get support for behavioral health challenges common to military life. The AfterDeployment website features videos of service members and veterans coping with sleep problems, assessments for evaluating sleep habits, and an online booklet for developing better habits and strategies to address problems.

“People who don’t sleep well are more likely to be depressed, irritable, or anxious. Dream EZ can help with these issues—and help you get a better night’s sleep,” Cooper says. “Through our mobile resources and AfterDeployment tools, T2 is here to help everyone get the sleep they need this May and beyond.”

Dream EZ is available for free download on Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store).