Available by prescription, Medi USA’s Restiffic compressive foot wrap for restless legs syndrome is FDA cleared as a Class 1 device. The drug-free therapy promotes gentle relaxing pressure on specific areas of the foot, Medi USA states.

“RLS is a debilitating condition for an estimated 10% of the US population, with many suffering from depression due to fatigue and quality of life issues,” says Glenn Anderson, medi USA director of medical category management, in a release. “The inability to sleep affects every aspect of their lives, as well as the lives of their loved ones.”

“RLS is traditionally treated with powerful narcotics and opioids which may help to some degree but the problems encountered by the medications are oftentimes of equal or greater significance than the RLS,” says John Sullivan, MD, a neurologist based in Florida who was involved in restiffic’s clinical trial.

Mary Sorg, the inventor and lifelong sufferer of RLS herself, has been working towards this for over a decade. “I just really want to help people with RLS. With restiffic, there’s no medication. It’s easy to use. It just works,” she says. Sorg was inspired to keep going over the years by positive results from restiffic’s clinical trial.