Mark R. Rosekind, PhD, took the oath of office as a member of the National Transportation Safety Board.

Rosekind is an internationally recognized fatigue expert who has conducted research and implemented programs in diverse settings, including all modes of transportation, health care, law enforcement, and elite athlete and military groups.

Prior to joining the board, Rosekind was president and chief scientist of Alertness Solutions, a scientific consulting firm in Cupertino, Calif, that specializes in fatigue management. Before founding Alertness Solutions, he directed the Fatigue Countermeasures Program and was chief of the Aviation Operations Branch in the Flight Management and Human Factors Division at the NASA Ames Research Center. Prior to his work at NASA, Rosekind was the director of the Center for Human Sleep Research at the Stanford University Sleep Disorders and Research Center. His term as a member of the NTSB expires December 31, 2014.