Ergomed Clinical Research Ltd, a clinical development company working with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, has entered into an agreement with Ferrer, a privately held Spanish pharmaceutical company, to support further clinical studies of Lorediplon in patients with insomnia. Ferrer also announced it is collaborating with Ildong Pharmaceuticals Co Ltd, Korea.

Ergomed is working with Ferrer as the clinical development organization to conduct the multicenter, multinational, randomized Phase IIa Lorediplon trial in insomnia. Under the terms of the agreement, Ergomed will assume a proportion of the clinical and regulatory costs of the Phase IIa trial in return for a share of future revenues received by Ferrer for Lorediplon in this indication.

“We are very pleased to co-invest with Ferrer in the development of Lorediplon, which has shown promising results in clinical trials to date,” says Miroslav Reljanovic, MD, CEO of Ergomed, in a release.

Under the terms of the Ildong agreement, Ferrer will be eligible to receive payments from the cooperation and license agreement covering countries within East Asia, including South Korea, China, and Japan. Ildong will be responsible for the costs and activities related to development and regulatory approvals in their territory.