CogniFit offers a new feature on the online cognitive assessment battery for insomnia (CAB-IN) designed to help evaluate relevant symptoms and cognitive consequences of insomnia. This digital battery now includes a full section on insomnia symptoms and sleep hygiene, which aim at helping detect the presence of symptoms and problems in the cognitive processes affected by insomnia.

The CAB-IN now assesses three different symptom areas such as insomnia symptoms (poor quality sleep, difficulty falling asleep); sleep hygiene (activities, routines, and factors that may affect sleep) and associated symptoms (irritability and lack of concentration). The CAB-IN generates a report with a general profile of the user’s cognitive skills that indicates how severe the cognitive alterations might be due to this sleep disorder.

CogniFit clinical psychologist Alejandra Salazar says in a release, “With this new feature, the CogniFit cognitive battery for insomnia will help people and health professionals understand what are the most affected symptoms as well as the sleep hygiene patterns that need training. This battery also provides a thorough understanding of what cognitive skills need training to help the person remain productive throughout their daily lives.”

The CAB-IN is a professional tool created by specialists in cognitive impairment. With this online assessment battery, it is possible to make a complete cognitive screening to understand cognitive strengths and weaknesses, evaluate the risk index of the presence of insomnia, and understand the area affected by this sleep disorder.

This test is suitable for children 7+, adults and seniors that may present some risk factors related to insomnia.