Tucker Educational Excellence LLC was founded by John H. Tucker, DMD, DICOI, DABDSM, who has been treating patients and educating dentists on dental sleep medicine for over 10 years.

Many dentists have chosen not to implement obstructive sleep apnea patient services due to misunderstandings or the false promises of “get rich quick” schemes, Tucker says, adding that dental sleep medicine can be an incredible opportunity for the dental practice to improve or even save a patient’s life, but only when the entire team understands the protocols for successful implementation.

Tucker Educational Excellence provides understanding through Tucker’s educational programs, which focus on the successful implementation of dental sleep medicine within the dental practice.

Tucker Educational Excellence offers learning experiences for every level of knowledge. These courses include basic dental sleep medicine implementation, one-on-one onsite programs either (at your practice or Tucker’s practice), and a guided learning experience working directly with Tucker for one-year.