Sleep medicine service provider SleepMed Inc and consumer health monitoring manufacturer EarlySense have partnered to provide consumers with a solution to help identify sleep disorders including obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

When symptoms of breathing interruptions are captured by contact-free health monitor EarlySense Live, the product’s synced mobile app will now send a notification to invite the user to visit SleepMed’s site, where users will then find support in determining their level of sleep apnea and receive recommendations regarding next steps in treating their symptoms.

“By collaborating with SleepMed, we are able to not only bring awareness to our users, but also offer an effective next step in identifying the extent of their sleep risk,” says Avner Halperin, CEO of EarlySense, in a release. “Sleep disorders such as OSA affect over 20 million Americans each year. As this is such a significant health concern across the United States, it’s a priority of ours to deliver to our users relevant and accurate data so they can be proactive in leading a healthier, more comfortable life.”

EarlySense Live has been clinically tested by the Sleep Center at Soroka Medical Center for its accuracy in detecting sleep apnea episodes in both adults and children. When alerted for significant sleep and breathing fluctuations, the EarlySense Live app will direct users to a SleepMed questionnaire that will allow them to learn more about sleep apnea and have the ability to receive a risk assessment for further details of their condition.

“With EarlySense’s exceptional consumer monitoring service and SleepMed’s risk severity expertise, we believe this is a perfect collaboration to help those who suffer from sleep disorders to gain awareness of their condition which before may have gone undetected,” says Tom Wittick, CSO of SleepMed. “This more proactive model will offer users key sleep risk insights and support, which can be shared with a physician to finalize treatment options.”

The SleepMed assistance feature is expected to be available within the EarlySense Live app in September 2017. EarlySense Live is currently available for $199.