Southlake Texas-based Low T Center, a physician-led group that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of low testosterone, has expanded its treatment services. Treatment services will now include: sleep apnea, low thyroid, hypertension, severe allergies, high cholesterol, diabetes, and annual physicals, along with testosterone replacement therapy.

“Historically, men don’t like going to the doctor and many men don’t go to the doctor even when they don’t feel well. We’ve made every effort to make it a better experience for them. By expanding services, we are improving patients’ experience by helping them with multiple aspects of their health. And for the thousands of men with symptoms that have come to Low T over the years but didn’t have low testosterone, now we can help,” says Mike Sisk, founder of Low T Center, in a release.

Low T Center’s physicians will take a holistic approach to treating patients with comprehensive health assessments that include complete lab panels and addressing patients’ symptoms and how they feel. “Our goal is to determine the underlying condition that is causing the patient to feel bad, and then address that condition. We believe that by helping the patient feel good again, we have the best opportunity to slow the onset of, prevent, or even eliminate serious health problems moving forward. Low T Center seeks to improve the quality of men’s lives and to make a real difference in their overall health,” says Bill Reilly, MD, national medical director.

There are 47 Low T Centers operating in 11 states. Cities include: Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Tyler, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Kansas City, Denver, Colorado Springs, Chicago, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Columbus, Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Little Rock, Johnson City, Fayetteville, and Charlotte.