Ez Sleep, a national provider of home sleep testing diagnostic services for the medical and dental community, has signed an exclusive 2-year partnership with i-CAT. i-CAT is a provider of cone beam 3-D dental imaging; according to its website, its i-CAT for TMJ, Airway, & Sinus enhances airway assessment to reveal restricted airways and determine appropriate treatments with precise anatomical views and measurements.

Through strategic partnerships, Ez Sleep strives to offer a proven comprehensive solution for practices to screen, test, trial, and treat patients, says Elizabeth Tietjen, chief innovation officer and COO of Ez Sleep.

“This exclusive partnership between Ez Sleep and i-CAT supports our vision of screening the largely undiagnosed population for obstructive sleep apnea. Dentists can realize the full potential of their i-CAT Cone Beam 3-D airway imaging by analyzing for possible risks of OSA,” says Tietjen. “The handoff from i-CAT to Ez Sleep In Home Testing is a seamless process allowing for prompt diagnosis, often leading to oral appliance therapy in the dental office. It is the forefront of innovation, creating value for both companies, while also saving lives.”