Circadian technology company Timeshifter has partnered with Axiom Space, a leader in human spaceflight and space infrastructure, to help Axiom optimize the safety and performance of its astronauts and mission controllers as they build the world’s first commercial space station.

Timeshifter, which is known for its circadian smartphone app, will provide astronauts and mission controllers with sleep and circadian plans to reduce jet lag when traveling on Earth. The company will also help optimize shift work performance in mission control, and prepare for rocket launches. Through this partnership, Timeshifter will advise Axiom on the lighting environment and sleep cabin design for the new space station.

“Our team has designed sleep and circadian plans for space agencies, Formula 1 teams, and Olympic athletes for more than a decade. We are thrilled to now bring this expertise to human spaceflight leader Axiom Space to help optimize the safety and performance of their astronauts and mission controllers,” says Mickey Beyer-Clausen, co-founder and CEO of Timeshifter, in a statement.

Timeshifter has built one of the world’s first technology platform for optimizing performance, safety, and health using circadian science. This gives Timeshifter the unique ability to solve several universal and impactful problems. Timeshifter has already developed a solution for jet lag with its app launched in 2018 – now the most-downloaded and highest-rated jet lag app in the world.

“We have convened an elite collection of expertise at Axiom to build and operate the world’s first commercial space station, and Timeshifter fits right into that mold as a partner,” Axiom chief medical officer Smith Johnston, MD, who previously served as NASA’s lead of Fatigue Management and Human Health, Performance, and Longevity programs, says in a statement.

“Circadian science has been a critical part of enhancing safety and performance for both astronauts and mission controllers on past space missions. The partnership with Timeshifter will bring those capabilities to Axiom’s operations, but will also include research to help people back on Earth live so they can perform at their best, and live longer and healthier lives.”