Over the years, healthcare mattress maker Sizewise noticed that hospital mattress top covers could fade and crack after repeated cleanings. “These cracks allowed for fluid ingress of blood, urine, and other liquids, creating an infection control hazard,” says John Blackburn, the company’s marketing operations manager. “It was challenging to find a top cover that resisted harsh cleaning chemicals while still maintaining optimal patient comfort and skin integrity.”

After much R&D, Sizewise implemented an extreme polycarbonate four-way stretch top cover that withstands Centers of Disease Control (CDC) guidance-based cleaning. It was initially rolled out in the acute care setting and has recently been made available to sleep labs. “We felt it a natural fit for the sleep study environment as well—especially to replace quilted top covers that absorb fluids, odors, and colors,” Blackburn says.

“Now that sleep labs are opening back up post-quarantine we anticipate an even higher demand for this product.”