SleepScore Labs has announced the availability of its newest non-contact device, SleepScore Max.

Powered by SleepScore by ResMed technology, SleepScore Max is backed by 10 years of research and development, and validated against polysomnography (PSG).

Small enough to sit on a nightstand, the device calculates a nightly SleepScore (between 0–100) based on an individual’s quality and quantity of sleep, without a wearable tracker or bed strip beneath the mattress. Coupled with the SleepScore companion app, the SleepScore Max provides insight into a user’s sleep habits along with personalized recommendations to improve sleep.

According to the manufacturer, SleepScore Max shows users’ full sleep staging, and provides personalized advice and targeted solutions to improve their sleep. The guidance is generated by an advanced algorithm based on data gathered from almost 2.7 million nights of sleep and research from a team of sleep experts, behavioral psychologists, and data scientists.

SleepScore Labs will further refine its ecosystem with accurate data, relevant insights, and targeted solutions, and recommendations.

“With the recent Nobel Prize given for basic research on the body clock and a popular science book on sleep in the top 10 on the New York Times Best Sellers list, sleep is more prominent than ever. Yet, when you look at overall health and wellness, sleep is the only area that the average consumer has no single metric to assess how he or she is doing,” says Colin Lawlor, CEO of SleepScore Labs, in a release. “Food has calories, exercise has steps, but SleepScore Labs has made it easier for the average person to measure how they sleep. SleepScore Max is an exciting step in our journey to help everyone on the planet sleep better and live better.”

The SleepScore Max device and companion iOS (Android app available soon) app come equipped with features, including:

  • SleepScore: A nightly 0–100 score calculating the length and quality of your sleep with SleepScore by ResMed technology, validated with comparative PSG dataset of any sleep tracking technology, along with a large number of peer-reviewed scientific publications. A more detailed view is provided in the form of a sleep graph.
  • Sleep Guide: Personalized, science-based advice in the iOS app, triggered by an individual’s sleep data and based on a review of more than 600 clinical papers. Users can also set sleep goals, track weekly progress, and receive comprehensive sleep reports to share with their doctor. The Sleep Guide has been refined over 4 years, analyzing 2.7 million nights of data.
  • Smart Alarm: Designed to gently wake an individual at the right time in their sleep, so they feel refreshed and ready for the day when they get out of bed.
  • Recommended Solutions: SleepScore Max recommends sleep solutions, such as bedroom lighting, digital sleep therapies, soothing pillows and more, tailored to an individual’s sleep profile and only where the data suggests they may help. Every recommendation has shown to improve sleep and has been evaluated by SleepScore Labs.