CleveMed, a provider of home sleep testing solutions, has been issued US Patent No. 9,730,632 entitled “Integrated sleep diagnostic and therapeutic system and method.”

The patent covers communication between positive airway pressure (PAP) therapy machines and home diagnostic monitors to generate an easy and detailed reporting of patient’s health during therapy for determining efficacy and titrating therapy. The patent applies to all PAP devices with wireless capabilities.

PAP is by far the most popular sleep apnea therapy, and the demand is driving the need for an easy and cost effective method to evaluate these patients over time without bringing them back into the sleep lab, CleveMed states. “Our IP [intellectual property] position is quite strong in this area; this is our fifth issued patent with a number of other patent applications pending,” says Brian Kolkowski, PhD, JD, CleveMed executive vice president and patent attorney, in a release.

Hani Kayyali, CleveMed CEO, says, “A main challenge of any home test is patient ease-of-use and data quality. Our patents simplify sensor data acquisition by merging PAP data with home diagnostic monitors through many means including wireless communication. In addition to simplicity of operation, the merged data generates more comprehensive reports of patient’s response to treatment directly from the home, which can help physicians intervene in a manner that is faster and more cost-effective than current methods.”