InsideTracker, a company offering personalized health advice based on blood and DNA analysis, has integrated with Oura, maker of Oura Ring, to provide users with sleep and activity recommendations.

As part of InsideTracker’s ongoing support for customers’ wearable devices, integration with Oura Ring unlocks a range of functionality for users, according to a release from the company, and marks the convergence of advanced, real-time analytics and science-based recommendations.

With the integration of real-time sleep and activity data from Oura Ring (including sleep duration, sleep staging, steps, and resting heart rate), combined with InsideTracker’s analysis of blood biomarkers and DNA data, InsideTracker users can expect even more personalized and holistic interpretations and ProTips for optimizing their health.

“We are pleased to support the direct integration of Oura, which will allow more users to receive lifestyle-based healthspan recommendations unique to them, based not just on periodic bloodwork and DNA biomarkers but continuous physiological measurements as well,” says Renee Deehan, PhD, vice president of science and artificial intelligence at InsideTracker, in a release.

The Oura integration will enhance InsideTracker’s actionable evidence-based recommendations, says Deehan in the release. “For example, your sleep duration may indicate that you need to alter caffeine intake, or your deep sleep may demonstrate the benefits of a supplement,” says Deehan in the release. “This is particularly interesting as we find that customers who have a fitness tracker connected to the InsideTracker app and get the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep are more likely to have optimal levels of blood biomarkers like vitamin D, compared to those who sleep less than seven hours per night.”

Introducing data from integrated wearables like Oura also relieves users of manually entering sleep or activity data, improving the quality of their data and the subsequent personalization of their recommendations, according to the company. Additionally, the integration will encourage the necessary behavioral changes to help users reach their healthspan goals, support healthy habits, and marry daily physiodata with both quarterly blood biomarker testing and DNA test results.

“At Oura, we believe that the path to a thriving society starts with each individual’s own wellness journey,” says Geoff Wylde, general manager of Oura for business, in a release. “Oura Ring is uniquely equipped to provide continuous, individual biometric feedback in a seamless and non-invasive way. We’re thrilled to partner with InsideTracker given our shared goal of providing personalized health data to help people live longer and healthier lives.”

Photo caption: InsideTracker has integrated with Oura to provide users with personalized sleep and activity recommendations.

Photo credit: InsideTracker