Empatica, a digital health and AI company developing medical-grade wearables for health monitoring and diagnostics, announced the launch of Empatica Actigraphy, which offers a new set of digital biomarkers for monitoring sleep and physical activity.

Empatica Actigraphy comes as an addition to the company’s US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-cleared Empatica Health Monitoring Platform and premiered at the American Academy of Neurology’s 2023 Annual Meeting. Empatica Actigraphy is available today for use in clinical trials. 

“We believe our community of leading researchers and health care professionals deserve the most reliable, accurate, and powerful tools for collecting clinical data,” says Matteo Lai, cofounder and CEO of Empatica, in a release. “Today, they can access more than 20 new digital measures focused on sleep and activity monitoring on our existing FDA-cleared platform and patient-centric technology. We are proud to continue our work to set the standard for digital health measurements.”

With the capability to collect data continuously for up to 14 days on a single charge, Empatica Actigraphy offers two distinct “sensor modes” for EmbracePlus, Empatica’s advanced smartwatch for continuous health monitoring: Actigraphy Pro and Actigraphy Optimized. These hardware configurations are designed to tackle commonly faced challenges in clinical research and lower the burden of the patient experience to improve compliance and participation while generating data over extended time periods.

Empatica Actigraphy was specifically developed to suit the needs of sleep and activity-related studies and provide digital biomarkers across various core areas including:

  • Sleep analysis
  • Sleep detection
  • Gait/step count
  • Wearing detection
  • Body position
  • Activity intensity
  • Energy expenditure
  • Activity counts
  • Activity classification

Empatica’s platform adds these key sleep and activity measures to the current offering of digital biomarkers that include pulse rate, oxygen saturation, and respiratory rate.

Photo caption: Empatica Actigraphy used during sleep

Photo credit: Empatica