SleepScore Labs—a joint venture between ResMed, Dr Mehmet Oz, and Pegasus Capital Advisors LP—has launched a “Sleep For Success” incentive program, which pays employees to improve their sleep. SleepScore Labs is leading by example in providing compensation for each night employees track their sleep with the SleepScore App and offering shortened work days if 90% participation in the program is achieved.

SleepScore Labs has documented and studied millions of nights of sleep data and understands the importance of sleep and its direct effects on productivity, creativity, and mental health stability in the workplace. As part of the “Sleep For Success” program, employees are provided access to SleepScore Premium within the app and for every night an employee tracks their sleep, they are awarded one dollar in compensation, the potential for shorter work days if team goals are met, plus additional prizes for highest average SleepScore and most sleep improvement over time.

“Our ‘Sleep For Success’ initiative allows us to practice what we preach and reward our employees by doing something that is so crucial to the mission of SleepScore Labs – sleep,” says Colin Lawler, CEO of SleepScore Labs, in a release. “We’re really putting our money where our mouth is and are excited to support our team members by taking their wellbeing seriously. Our goal is to serve as an example for other companies by showing what a solid foundation of sleep can do to impact productivity, employee happiness and health.”