ResMed Inc acquired an innovative data services technology provider, Umbian Inc, which offers a comprehensive patient compliance management solution called U-Sleep. U-Sleep monitors CPAP devices and provides a suite of interactive follow-up services for health care providers.

Abundant research has shown that early follow-up with CPAP patients is key to increasing compliance rates, and the recent technological advance of remote monitoring is a proven aid in successful follow-up. However, effective follow-up can be labor-intensive and time-consuming for home medical equipment (HME) providers, and many of them struggle to balance time between follow-up activities and their many other responsibilities. U-Sleep overcomes these challenges by providing an original and flexible compliance solution that monitors CPAP device usage and helps HMEs to coach their patients during their initial acclimatization and ongoing therapy.

For HME providers, U-Sleep is an effective tool to reduce cost and improve business efficiency. U-Sleep supports devices from the leading CPAP manufacturers so that usage data can be consolidated and viewed from one software interface. The technology is able to assess a patient’s compliance using a flexible set of rules that have been set up for that individual and provide immediate notification of compliance outcomes via email, phone, or text message.
U-Sleep also provides multiple reporting options tailored to the varying needs of CPAP providers, patients, referring physicians, employers, and payors.

Automated patient outreach features reduce the labor and material expenditures associated with live follow-up and also help providers to establish more uniform patient management protocols across their business. Additionally, users can customize U-Sleep’s compliance parameters based on a variety of insurance requirements.