Dreamcloud Productions, Los Angeles, sells the Dreamhelmet as a sleep aid for traveling and home use. It is a combination sleep-mask-pillow with sound-blocking foam over the ears.
Dreamhelmet forms a barrier between the wearer and the outside world, providing comfort while reducing light and sound. Jim de Cordova, the inventor of the DreamHelmet, calls this low tech triple sensory input reduction ‘The shady tree effect.’
According to a press release, the Dreamhelmet has received praise from travel professionals and everyday users alike for helping them sleep at home or while traveling. Secret compartments called ‘HiPockets’ hide money and valuables, but they also are the key to the Dreamhelmet’s unique ability to
awaken its owner at the desired time. Each Dreamhelmet sale now includes a free alarm watch that fits in the pockets. This personal alarm, when placed in one of the pockets, awakens only the user.
Dreamhelmet also transforms to a wrap-around earmuff pillow, or into a warm cover for the hands and forearms. Additional benefits of the Dreamhelmet include use on long-tem commutes and protection and warmth during outdoor camping.
The company hopes its camouflage version will one day be standard equipment for all US soldiers for sleeping outdoors. For more information call (888) 918-5630 or visit www.dreamhelmet.com.