The new ZzzQuil Plugged In Sleep Enhancer is a nonmedicated solution for restless nights, says the manufacturer. The sleep aid gradually releases lavender and chamomile aromas to promote relaxation and create a better sleep environment.

Ideal for bedroom usage, whether at home or traveling for work, the ZzzQuil Plugged In Sleep Enhancer uses heat-activated scented ZzzPads to provide up to 8 hours of aromatherapy and is best used in a bedside outlet. Customizable to individual preferences, the sleep aid is equipped with adjustable scent levels to release just the right amount of lavender and chamomile scent. The sleep aid has a compact, portable design that makes it convenient for on-the-go business travel, family vacations, hotel stays, college dorms, and wherever else busy life and restless sleep ensue.

“A good night’s sleep is a must for making the most out of the next day. In fact, losing precious sleep hours can not only impact your mood, but your overall health as well,” says Lara Peterson, vice president of marketing at Kaz USA Inc, in a release. “The ZzzQuil Plugged In Sleep Enhancer creates a relaxing sleep environment by releasing soothing scents that fill the room and help us stop counting sheep for a more restful night’s sleep.”

The ZzzQuil Plugged In Sleep Enhancer has a suggested retail price of $9.99.