Marshfield Clinic Health System on Sept 15 celebrated the opening of a new 2,622-square-foot sleep lab at Marshfield Medical Center-Minocqua, Wisconsin.

​The four-bed lab began seeing patients on Sept 7 and is led by sleep specialist and neurologist Amit Biswas, MD, FACP, FAASM. It will serve patients with potential sleep disorders by offering multiple sleep latency tests, nocturnal polysomnography, maintenance of wakefulness tests, and home sleep apnea tests. Offerings will expand to include electroencephalogram testing in October.

The lab will also offer services to pediatric sleep patients above the age of five.

“Sleep disorders, especially sleep apnea, are very common medical problems and left untreated have a lot of medical comorbidities,” Biswas says in a release. “There is an increased risk of strokes and heart disease, which can be catastrophic for some patients. Sleep studies can help in diagnosis and treatment of these medical issues, preventing potential long-term complications and disability.”

The sleep lab is a new service at Marshfield Medical Center-Minocqua and is the first of its kind north of Wausau for Marshfield Clinic Health System. This increased access will allow the Health System’s medical teams to broaden the scope of care in the Northwoods region.