Sleep Center Management Institute, Atlanta, Ga, will host an audio conference for sleep professionals covering legal changes for 2009 and their effects. Registration for the January 26 audio conference can be completed online. Daniel B. Brown, Esq, will host.

Brown will cover the following areas affected by 2009 changes:

New Rules Affecting the Diagnostic Test:  
•    Anti-Markup Rule  
•    Performance of the Home Test  
•    Physician Qualification for Reading Home Tests  
•    Under Arrangement Rules under New Stark Rules  
•    Enforcement of IDTFs  
•    Fraud and Abuse Work Plan

New Rules Affecting Delivery of DME:  
•    Home Test Prohibitions  
•    Affiliation Rules  
•    Accreditation  
•    Surety Bond Rules  
•    Competitive Bidding

Licensure Issues:  
•    Respiratory Therapists and PSG  
•    PSG Technologist Licensure
The audio conference will begin at 12 PM EST.
Additional 2009 educational audio conferences include:

February 9th – 2009 Technical Policies and Accreditation Requirement Updates
February 23rd – 2009 Sleep Coding Review and Update
March 9th – Five Ways to Expand Your Sleep Services to Serve More Patients
March 23rd – CPAP Patient Compliance and Follow-Up Services

All audio conferences are deisigned to take one hour, but can vary depending on audience participation.