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Explore Sleep Review’s Polysomnographic Education Program and learn at your own pace. Earn credits with each digital edition, tailoring your educational journey to your professional needs. Enhance your expertise in sleep technology by engaging with our comprehensive content and completing the associated tests when it suits you. This flexible learning path allows you to deepen your understanding and stay current in the dynamic field of sleep medicine.

Sleep Health Equity

Latest Issue

March 2024 Edition

Learn about four alternatives to the apnea-hypopnea index to measure OSA severity, why disparities in pulse oximeter accuracy have become a prominent issue, study implications for clinicians who are treating Black adolescents for sleep concerns, and more.

January 2024 Edition

Learn about recent updates in FDA clearances surrounding oral appliances for severe OSA, the risks associated with magnetic closures in CPAP masks, the business considerations of selecting an HST service vendor, the potential therapeutic applications of auditory stimulation during sleep, and more.

November/December 2023 Edition

Learn why some sleep specialists think bilevel PAP is over-prescribed for OSA, the pros and cons of adopting cumulative measurements in sleep apnea diagnosis, pivotal technical advancements that facilitated the development of disposable HST devices, and more.

August/September 2023 Edition

Learn about newly discovered biomarkers linking sleep and neurodegeneration, financial options available for patients requiring oral appliances, the benefits and functionality of remote CPAP mask-fitting technologies for improving patient care and compliance, the rise of artificial intelligence in sleep medicine, and more.

June/July 2023 Edition

Learn about advances in sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment in children with Down syndrome, how HSTs could bridge the diagnosis gap for underserved communities, whether oral appliances improve cardiovascular outcomes in sleep apnea, how to navigate the narcolepsy drug landscape, and more.

May 2023 Edition

Learn about how longitudinal monitoring could unleash the potential of home sleep testing. Plus, why “CPAP intolerance” is a misused phrase, how to prevent augmentation in RLS, advantages of RPM platforms, and more.

April 2023 Edition

Learn about the continuing quest to capture brain waves beyond the sleep lab. Plus, why and how sleep apnea could be managed like other chronic conditions, get perspectives on when mild sleep apnea should be treated, research findings on the cycle between Alzheimer’s disease and sleep, and more.

March 2023 Edition

Get key takeaways from the survey of cardiologists conducted by the International Collaboration of Sleep Apnea Cardiovascular Trialists and more. Plus, socioeconomic factors linked to CPAP adherence, most-cited accreditation survey deficiencies, problems with RLS screening questionnaires, advances in neurostimulator technology, and more.

January 2023 Edition

Learn how companies reach people who would not otherwise encounter sleep specialists in this issue’s cover story. Plus, understand your direct-ship HST options, get advice from dentists who’ve grown their practices to multiple locations, learn what sex has to do with narcolepsy, and more.