Home sleep testing (HST) devices typically focus on respiratory and cardiac signals. But technology improvements mean more data—including brain waves—can be captured outside the sleep lab. For example, several of today’s home sleep testing devices include patient-applied EEG electrodes and/or incorporate algorithms to provide data on sleep staging and arousals.

Join us on now Watch On Demand to explore these developments via our webinar “To EEG and Beyond! Exploring the Boundaries of Home Sleep Testing.”

In this webinar, healthcare professionals will learn:

  • Advantages of home sleep testing devices that provide more than respiratory and cardiac data, including implications for special populations such as women and children
  • Feasibility of patient self-application of additional sensors, such as EEG electrodes and leg movement sensors
  • HST limitations (even with the additional sensors and advanced algorithms)

Stay tuned after the presentations (to total 60 minutes) for the audience Q&A. Email your questions in advance to editor[at]sleepreviewmag.com or type them into the webinar platform during the live event.

This webinar is open to sleep specialists, sleep techs, dental sleep medicine professionals, and others who are interested in learning more about advancements in home sleep testing technologies.

The presenters are:

  • Cheree Scholl, BS, RPSGT, director of sleep operations, Clear Lake Sleep Center, Webster, Texas
  • Audrey Wells, MD, Super Sleep MD, St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Christopher M. Cielo, DO, MS, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

No continuing education credits offered for this event, but it’ll be worth your time to attend!

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