CPAP sanitizing device company SoClean recently polled over 300 of its users to gain insight about their journey in seeking CPAP treatment to treat sleep apnea, their adherence, and experience cleaning their CPAP equipment. Here are some key findings.

How long did you suspect you had sleep apnea before seeking treatment?

  • 15% sought treatment immediately once symptoms were apparent
  • 5% sought treatment weeks after symptoms were apparent
  • 20% sought treatment months after symptoms were apparent
  • 46% sought treatment years after symptoms were apparent
  • Other – 13.50% (Other responses ranged from: “I don’t know”, “spouse noticed and brought it to my attention”, “I didn’t know what sleep apnea was until I got tested”, “referred based on migraines”, “got tested after surgery” and “I did not know I had sleep apnea. Found out when I was on vacation and after driving all day took a quick nap. My son was watching me sleep and started crying hysterically thinking that I died. Sought treatment as soon as I got home.”)

If you suffer from high blood pressure, has your blood pressure improved since using a CPAP machine?

  • 38% – Yes, my blood pressure has decreased
  • 38% – My blood pressure has remained the same
  • 2% – No, my blood pressure has increased
  • 22% – Unsure

Have you been sleeping better since following your CPAP treatment?

  • 93% – Yes
  • 6% – There’s been no change in my sleep habits
  • 1% – No, I’ve been sleeping worse than normal

Have you been more physically active since following your CPAP treatment?

  • 54% – Yes
  • 43% – My activity level has not changed
  • 3% – No, I’ve been even less active than normal

Has your CPAP treatment impacted your significant other’s sleep?

  • 12% – Yes, they say it’s too noisy and disrupts their sleep
  • 60% – No, we both get a good night’s rest now!
  • 9% – Unsure
  • 19% – Not applicable

How long did it take for you to get comfortable using your CPAP machine?

  • 39% – Almost immediately
  • 45% – A couple of weeks
  • 10% – A couple of months
  • 7% – Other (Responses ranged from: “Until I found the correct mask”, “4-5 months of trying to find a mask/pillows that worked for me”)

How long did it take before seeing results from CPAP treatment?

  • 43% – Immediately (within the first few days)
  • 16% – About a week
  • 27% – Within a few weeks
  • 9% – Within a few months
  • 5% – I never saw results

Did you find that you were getting sick more often prior to using SoClean?

  • 31% – Yes
  • 44% – No
  • 25% – Unsure