Compare 11 electrodes, monitors, and sensors side by side. Click on the thumbnail above to view the full matrix at a legible size. Sleep Review‘s electrodes matrix compares features such as warranty, PSG system compatibility, and technology for the following products: Braebon Medical Disposable Airflow and Ultima PVDF Effort Belt; Dymedix Diagnostics Inc Disposable Airflow Sensor, Perfect Fit PVDF Disposable Belts, and Perfect Fit II PVDF Effort Belts; Nihon Kohden America Inc OLG-2800A EtC02 monitor, Philips Respironics ezRIP and LoFlo; Rhythmlink International Disposable Cup EEG Electrodes and Disposable Webbed EEG Electrodes; SleepSense ThermoCan.

A version of this comparison guide was published in the 2014 Product Guide (December 2013 issue). If your company is missing, please e-mail editor Sree at [email protected] so you can be considered for the next update.

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