Robert L. Talley, DDS, has become the new president of the American Sleep & Breathing Academy Dental Division (ASBADD) and Peter Chase, DDS, will be serving as the new vice president of the ASBADD. Talley will be replacing Steve Carstensen, DDS, and Chase will be replacing Richard Drake, DDS.

Both Carstensen and Drake have served their respective 2-year terms.

Talley founded Craniofacial Pain, TMJ, and Sleep in Norman, Okla, in 1971. For over 40 years, he has focused specifically on craniofacial pain, TMJ disorders, and sleep disorders. He founded the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain with his colleagues, serving two 2-year terms as president and two decades as chairman of the continuing education programs.

Chase has focused on the profession of dentistry since he began high school and earned his DDS degree from Creighton Dental University. While practicing dentistry, Chase became frustrated by his inability to conduct research, resulting in his affiliation as an associate professor at the University of Pacific Dental School. He is considered an expert on medical/legal issues involving the teeth, jaws, and related structures and has functioned as a private dental consultant to legal entities, insurance companies, and state licensing agencies. Chase maintains a private practice in Walnut Creek, Calif, limited to the diagnosis and treatment of temporomandibular disorders and obstructive sleep disorders.