Sleep Group Solutions (SGS), a dental continuing education and technology company, is offering free screening and testing to all professional athletes, including the NFL, through its NFL Program.

“The NFL Program was created to raise awareness of OSA by offering complimentary screening and treatment to professional athletes,” says Rani Ben-David, president of Sleep Group Solutions. “Our affiliated doctors such as SGS Medical Advisor, Dr Atul Malhotra, from Harvard Medical School, has already diagnosed a handful of athletes, and recommended either oral appliance therapy, or the CPAP.”

The NFL Program involves connecting athletes with physicians to get diagnosed and treated for OSA. According to SGS, athletes will first be screened with Eccovision System Technology, a device that measures the collapsibility and stability of the airway. From there, the athlete is given a home sleep test. The next day, the test is read and scored by a board certified sleep physician. The patient will then be fit for an oral appliance, if the therapy is recommended.