IDEA Comm Inc officially launched OSA University in August 2013 to assist dental sleep medicine practices in educating team members on the importance of a healthy open airway. OSA University’s online curriculum features sleep fundamentals, patient communication, scheduling architecture and administrative office procedures, billing medical and Medicare insurance, case presentation, and exceptional therapy protocol.

This month, OSA University opened its virtual doors for student enrollment. The university is now accepting applications for the enrollment of the OSA-U Dental Sleep Team Member certification program.

“The University was created from a belief that dental sleep medicine should be 90% team driven. Our goal is to educate, motivate, and empower dental team members so they are able to help dentists spread sleep health awareness,” says founder Elias Kalantzis, in a release. OSA University includes presentations, workbooks, templates, forms, examples, quizzes, and final exams for continuing education credits. Students are also eligible for achievement awards that serve to highlight the curriculum progression and participation.

Upon completion of the courses and satisfying final exam grade requirements, team members graduate from the university, and OSA-U Alumni status is achieved. OSA-U Alumni is a platform for continued team motivation provided through monthly, quarterly, and yearly challenges. The platform unites OSA-U graduates across the country and serves as a virtual space for sharing success stories, strategies, and dental sleep team experiences.