OSA University, a dental sleep medicine team training online education center, is hosting a 1-hour webinar on CPAP Awareness, scheduled for June 30, 2015 at 6:00 PM CDT.

The webinar information will be led by Robert Suter, formerly of ResMed. Rob has over 10 years of sleep respiratory experience. Suter says in a release, “CPAP knowledge and appreciation can fuel the conversation of what happens next, to the patients that reject CPAP treatment. Additionally, gaining an understanding of CPAP non-compliant patients leverages an entry point into a discussion of the country’s sky-high rate of untreated sleep apnea and airway sufferers.”

After the completion of the first webinar, CPAP101, dentists will have gained basic knowledge of CPAP and mask therapy. The OSA-U goal is to help dentists better understand CPAP patients and CPAP providers so that more patients are treated. After the second webinar, Working with the Sleep Channel, dentists will have a stronger understanding of what DMEs, sleep labs, and physicians do with CPAP patients. Tips and tactics for how dentists can rescue more CPAP refusing patients will be presented. One CE credit will be granted per webinar attendee. A $50 donation (optional) is suggested for each webinar. The donations will benefit The Foundation for Airway Health.