New research documents that acupuncture and herbs are effective in the relief of insomnia, as reported by HealthCMi.

Results were statistically analysed using a rank-sum test and variance analysis (P < 0.05) based on the PSQI score. The results were surprising. The total effective rate for the combination group was 100% for the treatment of insomnia. This includes patients ranging from mild improvement to completely cured. Parameters of effectiveness included time to fall asleep, total sleep time, sleep efficiency, temporary sleep baffle, and daytime function. In short, the PSQI score of the combination group was better than the TCM herbal medicine group and the acupuncture group.

For the combination group, a 100% effective rate was achieved. All patients reported that the treatment was effective and helped to improve their insomnia. In comparison, the TCM herbal medicine group reported a 97.67% effective rate and the acupuncture group reported a 73.33% effective rate. Acupuncture and herbal medicine were found effective for the treatment of insomnia, however, the combination of the two modalities produced significantly superior patient outcomes.

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