The American Association of Sleep Technologists (AAST) is offering members access to two free continuing education credits (CEC)s through online content and articles, according to an email announcement.

A few current free CEC offerings include:

Case of the Month #14: Treatment of Mild OSA
1.0 CEC for AAST Members Only
Discussion of Ms. O, a patient with excessive daytime sleepiness and witnessed apnea. The patient has prolonged sleep onset latency, periodic limb movements in sleep, and mild obstructive sleep apnea predominantly during REM sleep. The pros and cons of treatment of mild OSA are reviewed, including a discussion of REM-predominant OSA.

Journal Club #27: APRN and PA in Sleep Centers
1.0 CEC for AAST Members
A discussion of the influx of APRNs and PAs into sleep medicine. How are they trained? What roles do they fill? How will NPs and sleep technologists function in an integrated sleep center that focuses on patient care? What is the role of primary care in the treatment of sleep disorders?

(Available Starting Tuesday, June 2) AAST Town Hall – Providing Sleep Center Services Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic 
1.0 CEC for AAST Members Only
This online discussion is for sleep center managers and staff who wish to avail themselves of some of the many ways sleep organizations are striving to keep their staff and patients safe during the sleep diagnosis, testing and follow-up process. Presenters also discussed future opportunities for sleep centers, such as utilizing telehealth for new and established patients, and providing a glimpse at what new opportunities that these uncertain times may offer for CCSH staff.