Starting February 15, Cape Medical Supply is rolling out its new “Visual Learning Program” for all new PAP patients across the company’s territory in Eastern New England. 

The program consists of a new training regimen developed around the use of images to easily and succinctly communicate the components of PAP therapy. Patients being set up on PAP therapy are often groggy and tired due to a lack of sleep, and have historically had trouble following written and verbal instructions detailing how to set up and use their therapy. This often leads to lower compliance rates, patient complaints and lower therapy effectiveness. The new program focuses on using simple images to support and improve the Respiratory Therapist’s setup training processes, and to help the patient better absorb key components of  CPAP and BiPAP therapy. PAP therapy training is a specialized piece of the healthcare system, requiring continuing education and state-level certification as a Respiratory Therapist in order to train patients. Research has shown that effective patient training is a key indicator to a patient meeting their target usage requirements, as mandated by their insurance company, and continuing to use their PAP therapy successfully to manage a chronic condition.