At the American Dental Association (ADA) continuing education meeting this month, the ADA offered a dental sleep medicine course for the first time. In “Dental Sleep Medicine for the General Dental Team,” Dr Steve Carstenson of Bellevue, Wash, covered basics of sleep, oral devices, how to work with sleep physicians to market services, and medical insurance interaction.

For those offices currently providing oral devices, Carstenson presented more advanced education such as complications, calibration and follow-up testing, physician relations, and team development. He also covered more complex cases that practitioners sometimes encounter.

Carstenson will also be speaking in San Antonio on October 9 to 14 at the ADA 2014 Annual Meeting. His upcoming lecture is “Snoring Kids, Sleepy Kids: Pediatric Apnea 2014 [].

ADA’s dental sleep medicine course will be offered again in the following year.