Invisalign Clear Aligner and Sleep Apnea Module 3 Conference

The AIR Institute announces the Invisalign Clear Aligner and Sleep Apnea Module 3 conference, taking place from October 5 to 7, 2023, at the Oregon Health and Sciences University School of Dentistry.

The largest patient needs in dentistry is sleep apnea, dwarfing the size of the clear aligner market. According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, as much as 33% of people suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea, which is over 123 million people in North America alone! Dentists can learn to treat this life-threatening condition and save lives with the essential skills taught at this event.

Dental professionals looking to stay at the forefront of dentistry are invited to join us at this exceptional event. They will have the unique opportunity to master cutting-edge skills and techniques in both Invisalign and clear aligner treatments and advanced sleep apnea treatments.

During this intensive training weekend, attendees will have the privilege to learn from Invisalign Global Faculty Instructor Dr. Terry Codington, Dr. Geoffrey Skinner, and sleep apnea experts Dr. Joseph Zelk and Dr. Mark Abramson. These esteemed speakers will provide comprehensive instruction on the most modern and advanced Invisalign clear aligner techniques and sleep apnea protocols, allowing attendees to enhance their proficiency in this rapidly expanding field.

The conference will unveil a fee-for-service and dental insurance-based model for sleep apnea treatment. Attendees will discover how clear aligners can be effectively used as the first-line sleep apnea treatment, followed by a mandibular advancement appliance that can be conveniently and economically made in their own clinics. This approach and advanced clear aligner techniques for superior esthetics, function, and airway will equip participants to become clear aligner and sleep apnea master dentists.

The AIR Institute’s Module 3 is all new content and is open to ALL dentists, even if they have not attended the previous Air Institute modules, making it accessible for professionals seeking to elevate their dental practice to new heights.

Key Highlights of the Conference:

  • Advanced Invisalign and clear aligner skills and techniques presented by leading instructors.
  • Cutting-edge sleep apnea treatment education from world-renowned experts.
  • Fee-for-service and dental insurance-based models for maximizing practice profitability.
  • Transformation of sleep apnea treatment through clear aligner integration.
  • Predictably achieve superior esthetics, function, and airway with clear aligners.
  • Empowerment to turn sleep apnea patients into enthusiastic advocates for the practice.


Oct 05 - 07 2023


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Oregon Health and Sciences University School of Dentistry
Robertson Collaborative Life Sciences Building & Skourtes Tower, 2730 S Moody Ave, Portland, OR 97201


AIR Institute

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