Melbourne Florida Sleep Convergence 2024

Are you exhausted by all the noise from vendors who teach the “science” though they never inserted an appliance or read any of the current lit and who often employ “experts” who continue to teach many of the myths associated with dental sleep medicine? We call those myths LOGIC IN THE ABSENCE OF SCIENCE.

WHAT IS THIS CONVERGENCE THEN? This is a high-level advanced update on sleep medicine with eight world class speakers with an invited attendee list of no more than sixty doctors! This evidence-based scientific session will update you in critically important areas of sleep medicine and nocturnal bruxism.

IMAGINE…. a pre-course zoom meeting—a folder of current literature of recommended reading on the topics to be discussed – and a post course zoom meeting to review and answer questions! No, not just another CONFERENCE for sure…

You mean I won’t be subjected to lecture after lecture? Funny right? No, there will be time set for discussions after each presentation. Join the discourse and/or debate topics moderated by speakers. Choose which “convergence” topics you want to join – and then all topics will be discussed in the general session led by volunteer attendees.

Questions/Answers/….…. From effects of nocturnal bruxism, to an update on pediatric SDB to truth about the use of awake parameters in the diagnosis or treatment considerations of sleep disturbed breathing, to the role of oral appliance therapy in pain and trigeminal signaling, the effects of nasal resistance and loop gain…and more…..


Apr 05 - 06 2024


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DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Melbourne Beach Oceanfront
1665 N. Stateroute A1a, Melbourne, FL 32903


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