16th Annual Sleep Medicine Virtual Course

Physicians in all areas of medicine encounter patients who complain of disturbed sleep. The purpose of this virtual course, the 16th in its series, is to provide clinicians with the knowledge needed to recognize and treat major sleep disorders likely to be encountered in their clinical practice.

The course emphasizes a practical approach to sleep medicine across multiple specialties, including primary care medicine, family practice, psychiatry, neurology, geriatrics, and clinical psychology.

The course will focus on the assessment and evaluation of excessive sleepiness, sleep apnea, and narcolepsy, appreciate evaluation strategies and management of chronic insomnia disorder, and be able to recognize critical parasomnias and abnormal behaviors at night.

The course will conclude with a discussion of the mechanism by which how poor sleep contributes to cognitive decline and dementia.

Attendees will acquire skills needed in the recognition, evaluation, and management of the major sleep disorders they are likely to encounter during routine clinical practice. A primary goal of the course is to provide practitioners with both pragmatic evaluation strategies and treatment recommendations that may be integrated into their clinical practice.

Course faculty will provide a discussion of etiology, pathophysiology, diagnostic strategies, and pharmacological and behavioral treatment options and harmonize the management strategies based on evidence-based medicine and shared decision-making.


May 04 2024


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